Digitalis 'Sugar Plum'

Plant Details

Common Name:  Foxglove
Zone: 4-9
Height: 2.5-3.5’
Spread: 1-2’
Bloom Time: Early Summer
Blooms: Pink
Foliage: Green
Features: Attracts Hummingbirds. Deer & Rabbit Resistant.
Tall spires of pink flowers with heavily speckled, dark purple throats are produced in early summer.  The flowers are closely spaced on the stems, resulting in strong color impact in the garden. 
'Sugar Plum' forms large rosettes of downy green leaves.  It is a biennial, meaning it lives for two years (only foliage the first year, blooming in its second year). Fast grower.
Digitalis looks especially nice when planted along fences, at the wood's edge, or in large containers.


Quick Facts

Plant Care

 Sun: Full Sun to Part Sun

Water: Average
Maintenance: Easy
Foxgloves prefer a fertile, moist soil but they will happily tolerate almost any soil except those that are excessively dry or waterlogged. Pot up digitalis plants and grow them in frost free conditions for transplanting outdoors later on. When plants are well-grown and all risk of frost has passed, acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over a period of 7 to 10 days, before planting them in borders and containers in sun or partial shade. 
Water foxglove plants regularly until fully established. Foxgloves self-seed freely. If seedlings are not wanted, deadhead stems of foxglove flowers as the blooms fade. In autumn, cut back old stems to encourage plenty of new side shoots.
Caution: Toxic if eaten, irritant to skin and eyes.


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