Delphinium 'Million Dollar' Series

Plant Details

Botannical Name: Delphinium 'Million Dollar' Series
Common Name: Larkspur
Type: Herbaceous perennial
Zone: 3-7
Habit: Upright
Height: 2.5-3 feet
Spread: 1.5-2 feet
Bloom Time: Early Summer to Early Fall
Blooms: Blue or Blush. See 'More Images' for colors. 
Foliage: Green
Attributes: Deer & Rabbit Resistant. Cut Flower. Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds.
This delphinium offers a shorter option for hybrid delphiniums, this selection features large spikes of double to semi-double flowers. 2.5-3 feet tall strong stems carry these prominent flowers early summer and then again late summer to early fall. Remove spent flowers to promote re-blooming. Heat tolerant as well as cold hardy.


Quick Facts

Plant Care

Sun: Full Sun to Part Shade

Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Delphiniums grow best in rich well drained soil.  Prefers neutral ph, if soil is slightly acidic add some lime to neutralize the ph. They are also heavy feeders. In addition to compost and manure add granular or liquid fertilizer during the growing season. This will result in healthier, stronger plants.
Provides good texture to your garden, can be planted as specimen, mass plantings, focal point or border plant. Wonderful cut flower.
Can be grown in full sun or part shade (4-6 hours of direct sun). Make sure to plant the crown of the plant at or slightly above soil level to prevent crown rot. Plant may develop powdery mildew if it doesn’t have enough air circulation and sun.


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