Linum 'Nanum Sapphire'

Plant Details

Common Name: Flax
Type: Perennial
Zone: 4-8
Height: 10"
Spread: 12"
Bloom Time: Late Spring - Late Summer
Blooms: Blue
Features: Deer Resistant. Attracts Butterflies.

Each bloom lasts only a day, to be replaced by another atop waxy, arching stems! Every sunny garden deserves perennial Blue Flax, especially those stressed for water and soil fertility. This very long-blooming perennial sets a new azure-blue star every day for 12 weeks or so, making it a dependable source of hard-to-find color from late spring through late summer.
Each bloom is 1 inch wide and lasts just one day, but oh, the numbers you will see! 'Nanum Sapphire' is, as its name suggests, very compact, and this little powerhouse delights with fresh blooms atop the waxy foliage for months on end. Simply a trouble-free joy!

Expect 'Nanum Sapphire' to reach 10 inches high and spread about a foot wide. Its stems are very slender, bright green, and gracefully arching, creating a lovely look even before they begin opening blooms by the dozen. Once the flowers have finally passed, cut the plant back down to the base. It will return even more dense and floriferous next year!
This makes it a great companion for like-minded perennials from Achillea and Baptisia to Paeonia. Create a low maintenance, absolutely beautiful planting for any sunny spot with these good friends!


Quick Facts

Plant Care

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Well Drained, Average
Maintenance: Medium

If you are familiar with older varieties of perennial Blue Flax, you will be pleasantly surprised by the neat habit and compact growth of 'Nanum Sapphire.' Compact enough for containers, it is left alone by deer, and will re-seed freely if you let it. Such a hard-working, trouble-free perennial is hard to find, especially one setting blue blooms right through the doldrums of late summer! Rely on this plant in all your sunny garden spots! Zones

Once established in your garden, this Flax is very tolerant of poorly fertile and dry soils.



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