Fresh Flower Care, Tips & Info



At Sabellico’s, we are obsessed with and work hard to provide the freshest, healthiest and highest quality flowers available. With each flower arrangement, we provide care instructions and a package of floral food. But here are some tips to help keep your flowers looking great at home.
 Lilies and White Roses in Vase
Vase Arrangements – The vase should always be kept completely full with room temperature water. Refill with fresh water and flower food each day. Changing the water frequently helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The ends of the stems should be given an inch or so trim with a sharp knife when you change the water. This keeps the passages that hydrate the flowers open. Most fresh cut flowers prefer cool temperatures. This slows down the decomposition of the flowers. Avoid drafts; don’t put them near heat vents or in front of windows that receive direct sunlight or are drafty.
Arrangements in Foam – Some arrangements are made usYellow Flowers in Basketing special green foam that keeps the flowers hydrated and in place in their container. This foam acts like a dense sponge providing a water source for the flowers. While this material is solid, it is important that it is kept saturated. It slowly dries out over time. The best way to keep the foam saturated is the same way that you would water a plant; use a watering can or hold under a faucet for a moment or two. If you are using a watering can, hold the arrangement over the sink in case there is an overflow. Watering every day will help keep your flowers healthier longer. Again, keep your flowers in the coolest location possible. Avoid putting them near a heat vent or in front of windows that receive direct sunlight or are drafty.
Wrapped Bouquets and Rose Bouquets - Upon arrival, remove any foliage on the stems that will be below the water line in your vase. The foliage will decompose, introducing unnecessary bacteria and mold into the water. After clearing any foliage away, give the bottoms of the stems an inch cut with a sharp knife. Place immediately into a vase with clean, room temperature water along with a pinch of floral food. Repeat this process daily for maximum longevity. Keep the flowers in a cool location and away from direct heat.
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