Fall at Sabellico's


Sabellico’s grows a wide variety of Mums in many colors and flower shapes. Mums add a vibrant punch of color to your landscape when your annuals are starting to fade.  Asters are another beautiful fall blooming perennial that will revitalize your fall gardens. Their showy colors range from purple to pink to white.
Flowering Kale and Cabbage complement mums and other fall bloomers with its range of colors from crisp white to rose-red. The center rosette provides a lovely contrast to the green or greenish-purple outer leaves. 
The Montauk Daisy is one of the last perennials to bloom. Large white daisies tower over the glossy green foliage well into October. It will often outlast mums and asters, thereby continuing your gardening season as long as possible.
Pansies and Violas also grow best in the cool autumn weather. They make a nice addition to a planter or window box, especially when combined with mums, asters, and kale. They will bloom throughout the fall if the spent flowers are deadheaded from the plant.
Don’t forget that fall is the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs! Look for our selection of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus and deer resistant specialty bulbs. Spring bulbs should be planted from mid-September through mid-October. Fall planted bulbs need time to put down roots in a new site before the ground freezes for the winter.
Did you know that fall is a great time to plant perennials, trees and shrubs because of the warm days, cool nights and plentiful rainfall? We carry a selection of perennials and shrubs for fall planting. And this is mums, bales, stalks and pumpkinalso the time to rejuvenate and reseed your lawn. Don’t forget the fall fertilizing for strong growth next spring.
Sabellico’s also carries pumpkins, unusual gourds, corn stalks and hay bales for autumn decorating. Our florist shop is overflowing with “bountiful” cornucopias, baskets and vases filled with fall flowers. And, don’t forget a Thanksgiving centerpiece….the finishing touch!