Perilla 'Shiso Britton'

Plant Details

Common Name : Shiso, Beefsteak plant, Chinese Basil, Wild Sesame
Botanical Name : Perilla frutescens
Variety : 'Shiso Britton'
Type : Annual
Height : 18 - 36 inches
Width : 12 - 18 inches
Bloom Time : Late Summer
Bloom Color : Pale lavender-pink or white
Habit : Forb
Foliage : Purple

Attributes : Fragrant, Ornamental, Houseplant

Shiso Britton is primarily grown for its beautiful purple foliage that looks similar to coleus. An amazing Asian Potherb. An eye-catching salad green with red undersides & a mild mint/basil aroma.  Shiso will also produce small flowers. Shiso Britton is used in borders, beds, and planters and can be used as a houseplant. The crisp, deeply toothed, reddish purple foliage has a metallic, bronzy sheen.

Uses : Culinary - used in oriental cooking and dishes such as sushi, bean curds, tempura and salad mixes. Good micro or salad mix item, or use larger leaves as sushi wraps and plate garnishes. It's also used to give preserved ginger a red color.  Medicinal - Shiso has been believed to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to aide in the treatment of allergies, hay fever, asthma, and arthritis.

Sabellico's doesn't condone or endorse the use of this plant medicinally. Any one planning to use it for medical purposes should check with a physician first and research all plants before use.

Harvest : Harvest by cutting sprigs above a leaf joint, not cutting more than one-third of plant at a time.

History : Shiso is a native of China.  It was brought to Japan around the 8th century A.D.  Shiso was originally cultivated for its seeds, which were pressed into lamp oil.


Quick Facts

Plant Care

Sun : Full Sun - Part Sun
Water : Moist
Maintenance : Easy
Spacing : 18 - 24 inches
Soil : Well drained

This plant will grow in moist soil. Suitable soil is well-drained/loamy. The pH preference is a neutral soil. Foliage is deep burgundy when grown in bright sun light. In Part sun the leaves will be olive green. Frost tender.

Perilla isn't demanding about soil fertility, nitrogen-rich fertilizers encourage healthy growth and larger, lusher leaf production. Keep soil consistently moist to encourage lush leaf growth. It thrives in moist soils but will die in bog-like conditions.

Pinch stems every two weeks. Gently pinch off the tips. Perilla needs to be cut back before it sets seed or it gets uncontrollable.




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