See bottom of the page for Sabellico's extensive selection of trees and shrubs. 
Generally, a shrub is a woody plant that is smaller than a tree – usually less than 15 feet tall. In most cases, shrubs have more than one main stem. Shrubs provide beauty and diversity to your landscape. Some are evergreen, retaining their foliage or needles during the winter months. Others are deciduous, losing their leaves in autumn often after a magnificent fall display of color. Many shrubs are grown specifically for their foliage, others for their flowers. Shrubs are excellent accents in your landscape. Sabellico’s is known for its outstanding collection of quality shrubs.   
We carry many flowering shrubs: hydrangea, spirea, virburnum and roses. Sabellico’s also carries many evergreens like holly, boxwood, rhododendron and conifers that are always suited for planting in this zone. Our shrubs are offered in a variety of sizes, sure to meet your needs. Our plants are selected for deer resistance, ease of maintenance and multiple season interest.
Trees are a vital part of the environment and a value to any landscape. They improve our air quality, give us shade and privacy, save energy, serve as windbreaks and soften the harsh lines of buildings. We enjoy them for the beauty of their flowers and foliage as well as the unique qualities they add to the landscape. Sabellico Greenhouses & Florist carries an interesting selection of evergreens, shade and ornamental trees. We also carry many beautiful flowering trees and native trees.
Sabellico’s perennial, tree, shrub and rose department carries many unusual plants as well as the ever popular varieties.  We cater to the home owner. Most of our plants can be taken home in your car or truck. No huge balled and burlapped trees, just nice specimen trees that you can take home and plant. Or we can arrange to have them delivered and planted for you.
At Sabellico’s, we are mainly growers. We do not have a landscape division like most garden centers but we have affiliated ourselves with Glencar Water Gardens and Lighting to provide our customers with top notch installations and landscape advice. Check them out at Glencar offers a full range of quality landscape services.


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